Russia Set to Expand Defense Ties

Russia Set to Expand Defense Ties Russia Set to Expand Defense Ties

Russia will boost military-technical cooperation with Iran after the international arms embargo on Tehran is lifted as a result of successful talks on Iran's nuclear program, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said.

"Following the cancellation of the arms embargo, this cooperation will be implemented and will grow in time," Ryabkov told reporters on Friday in Moscow.

He also mentioned the prospects of close cooperation with Iran in the nuclear energy sector, Sputnik reported.

Elsewhere, he also said the world is not going to end if the talks on Iran's nuclear program fail to reach a conclusion by the June 30 deadline, but dragging the negotiations endlessly is not right.

"The discussion has got to the point where literally everything that is necessary to find a common denominator has been put on the negotiating table," the Russian diplomat said.

"The latest round, which was held last week, its depth and effectiveness, make us believe that chances to reach an agreement before the deadline are much higher than those of failure or delays."