US’ Yemen Remarks Meant to Deflect Attention

US’ Yemen Remarks Meant to Deflect Attention     US’ Yemen Remarks Meant to Deflect Attention

The foreign ministry spokesperson described US Secretary of State John Kerry's recent remarks on Iran's alleged role to help overthrow the Yemeni government as an attempt to divert attention from the realities on the ground in the crisis-hit Arab country, saying the comments are in direct contradiction to US officials' previous statements.

"Iran's principled policy is that nations should determine their own destiny," Fars news agency quoted Marzieh Afkham as saying on Wednesday.

Touching on the latest developments in Yemen, she said the opposing parties should allow the Yemeni people to decide the future of their own country and all political mechanisms should be developed based on the nation's will.  

The foreign ministry official cautioned that any foreign intervention in the political developments in Yemen could prolong the crisis and hinder the establishment of political stability in the country.

"Any foreign intervention makes the conditions in the country more complicated," she continued.

In a speech to the US Senate on Tuesday, Kerry said Iran's support for Houthis led to the collapse of the Yemeni government, claiming that the incidents even "shocked" Iran and prompted Tehran to seek "national dialogue" in Yemen.