Great Strides Made to Improve Foreign Ties

Great Strides Made to Improve Foreign Ties Great Strides Made to Improve Foreign Ties

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday Iran has managed to improve its international relations and is not an "isolated" country.

Addressing a large gathering of people in his provincial trip to the central city of Qom, Rouhani said, "In the area of foreign policy, we have taken significant steps in improving our relations with the world, especially our neighbors."    

Elsewhere, he described the interim agreement Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) reached in Geneva in November 2013 as an "important" achievement, due to which part of the sanctions against the country were eased.  

The government is pursuing the nuclear case “resolutely”, despite attempts by opponents to impede progress, Rouhani said.

“We accept no humiliation and (further) sanctions, nor the continuation of the (current) sanctions,” he said, adding that imposition of sanctions against the country is a violation of human rights.  

Rouhani stressed the negotiating parties should keep in mind that “the talks should result in total removal of the “unfair” and “illegal” sanctions, IRNA reported.

He reiterated his commitment to his electoral pledges, noting that the government has aimed to “save the economy, revive morality and establish constructive interaction with the world.”

He pointed to the government’s record in controlling inflation and enhancing economic growth over the past 18 months, since he took office, citing the improvement in the ease of doing business and the increase in the annual gas production as evidence.    

Rouhani reproached the critics of the government for their impaired judgment due to their failure to consider the released statistics, which reflect the remarkable economic record of the government, adding, “We have always respected our critics and just like our proponents, they enjoy the government’s support. But smear campaigns have no place in this country.”