Diplomacy Key to Removing Obstacles to Foreign Trade

Diplomacy Key to Removing Obstacles to Foreign Trade Diplomacy Key to Removing Obstacles to Foreign Trade

The first deputy foreign minister said securing other countries' "positive attitude" through diplomatic efforts is central to building effective economic relations.   

Morteza Sarmadi made the remarks in his speech at the closing ceremony of a conference on resistance economy and foreign relations in Tehran on Monday.   

He said, "Iranophobia should be dispelled among our neighbors, as it is the major impediment to expansion of trade," adding that efforts are being made to remove visa requirements for visits to neighboring countries in a move to bolster the economy, ICANA reported.   

Pointing to the establishment of the headquarters for coordinating foreign economic relations, he said it will hold regular meetings to deal with the problems facing economic ties with foreign countries.     

It also aims to create an online passport and visa issuance system, establish an economic data bank and help manage the affairs of economic attachés, he stated.

The diplomat also underlined the responsibility of ambassadors to promote Iran's tourist attractions to the world, noting that construction of clinics in some neighboring countries to offer medical services, attracting major investors and providing hotel and tourism quality services are some ways to boost trade.    

As the current conditions suggest, the country is expected to be hosting a huge influx of international travelers in the near future, so it is necessary to provide the required facilities, he added.