Tehran’s Foreign Policy Aimed at Principled Interaction With All Countries

Tehran’s Foreign Policy Aimed at Principled Interaction With All Countries
Tehran’s Foreign Policy Aimed at Principled Interaction With All Countries

President Ebrahim Raisi said his government’s foreign policy is aimed at fostering interaction with all countries on the basis of “justice and balance”. 
“We believe that we must cooperate with any country according to their capacities and we won’t wait for anyone’s [approval or intimidation] while setting up our foreign policy roadmap,” he said at a meeting of Iranian ambassadors abroad on Wednesday, ISNA reported. 
Raisi defied the old assumption that the fate of countries across the world is determined by a small number of powers, with whom foreign policy decisions have to be coordinated. 
He stressed that the diplomatic system of a country is an important mechanism for building up power, calling for the expansion of relations with target countries, as well as multinational associations such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union and the BRICS. 
“Make extra effort to strengthen relations with Muslim, neighboring and allied countries and do not neglect to develop ties and cooperation with regional and international organizations … since they are emerging bodies that shape the future,” he told the representatives of Iranian missions abroad.
The ambassadors must also define the position of the Islamic Republic in the new world order in proportion to its potential, according to Raisi. 
Africa, Latin America, East and Central Asia and Europe are particularly important regions for the activity of Iran’s diplomatic system, he said. 
“The administration’s policy is cooperation with all countries that interact with the Islamic Republic out of good will, but if a country seeks hostility with us, we choose resistance,” he said. 
Pointing to certain European countries who took stances against Iran during last year’s unrest, he said Tehran is ready to cooperate with them as well provided that they correct their calculations and prove their good faith. 
“I’m certain that the way for the country’s progress is not through retreat or surrender, but resistance, so we will never back down from our principles” he emphasized, adding that increasing the power of deterrence is also on the country’s main agenda. 
Raisi also dismissed the notion that many countries are reluctant to cooperate with Iran since it is subject to sanctions. 
“This is completely wrong as evidenced by different country’s expression of willingness to enhance ties with Iran,” he said. 

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