Tehran Seeks Enhanced Collaboration With OPEC

Tehran Seeks Enhanced Collaboration With OPEC
Tehran Seeks Enhanced Collaboration With OPEC

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi described constructive interaction among the member states of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries as a crucial factor in the organization’s success. 
In a meeting with Secretary General of OPEC Haitham al-Ghais in Tehran on Saturday, Raisi also said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always maintained constructive cooperation with the organization, and we plan to continue, strengthen and promote such cooperation.”
OPEC’s raison d'être is to protect the rights of oil producers and prevent discrimination against them, the Iranian president underlined, expressing hope that OPEC would be able to control fluctuations and bring about calm to the oil market, reported. 
He called for closer unity among the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries member states to thwart divisive plots hatched by some western governments.
President Raisi warned that a number of western governments seek to sow division and discord among the OPEC members to achieve their own interests.
“In the face of those measures, the OPEC members must prevent the fulfillment of these objectives by strengthening their unity,” the president stated, Tasnim News Agency reported.
Al-Ghais praised Iran as a founder member of OPEC that has always had fruitful, effective and constructive cooperation with other members.
The Kuwaiti oil executive noted that Iran has always contributed to closer unity of the OPEC members, both at the ministerial and technical level.
Expounding on the latest situation in the oil market, al-Ghais expressed hope that consensus among the OPEC member states as well as Iran’s constructive support and cooperation would help restore calm to the global oil market.
CAPTION: OPEC Secretary General Haitham al-Ghais (L) met Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran on Saturday.  

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