Israeli PM Undermining Regional Peace

Israeli PM Undermining Regional Peace Israeli PM Undermining Regional Peace

A former diplomat said the Israeli prime minister's remarks have never been helpful for regional peace and security.

In a speech to a public gathering in the US state of South Carolina, which was attended by Mark Sanford, the state's representative at the US Congress, Hossein Mousavian said, "The Israeli prime minister's speeches at Congress have never been helpful for peace and security in the region, rather they have intensified hostility and insecurity," IRNA reported on Saturday.  

Addressing the Americans, he said, "You have frequently invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make speeches at Congress on Iran's nuclear program," adding, "(I recommend you) extend a similar invitation for the Iranian president or foreign minister to elaborate at Congress on the realities, the truths which you have never heard."

John Boehner, the Republican speaker of the US House of Representatives, has invited Netanyahu to deliver a speech at the US Congress on Iran's nuclear issue. The move has drawn criticism from Democrats and the White House because they had not been consulted about the decision in advance.

  Failed Policy    

The former diplomat pointed to the congressional advocates of the imposition of fresh sanctions against Iran and said, "Putting more pressure on Iran has proved a failed policy and it's a big mistake to test a failed experience twice."

The Princeton University lecturer continued, "35 years of enmity between the two great and powerful states of Iran and the United States is enough."

He reiterated, "All US strategies toward Iran have been doomed to failure, such as its stance on the change of political system in Iran, its support for the (former Iraqi dictator) Saddam Hussein's aggression against Iran, their covert war and the failed unilateral and multilateral sanctions against the country," adding, "The new US Congress should not try to test what have already turned out to failure."

Mousavian said, "The Israeli regime, which has always played a key part in the US policy to pressure Iran, is today more isolated and vulnerable than ever before and has lost the trust of the US administration, as opposed to Iran that has gained more strength and influence more than in the past."

He pointed out, "An unprecedented crisis prevails in the (Middle East) region and it is on the verge of the collapse; Iran and the United States enjoy greatest power and influence in the region and accordingly have a great and historic responsibility to restore stability and security to the region."

He appealed to Congress not to spoil an exceptional opportunity for an agreement between Iran and the major powers on Tehran's nuclear program and said, "Neither the US nor the turbulent Middle East region can afford a new war."

"The way to put an end to hostility toward Iran is through mutual respect and stressing shared interests and non-intervention," he concluded.