Security Prerequisite for Sustainable Regional Development

Security Prerequisite for Sustainable  Regional DevelopmentSecurity Prerequisite for Sustainable  Regional Development

The intelligence minister said security is a shared interest of regional countries as it is a prerequisite for sustainable development.

Speaking at a conference with the theme of "Resistance Economy in Regional Relations" in Tehran on Sunday, Mahmoud Alavi said, "Security, as a shared interest of all regional states, plays a critical role in growth, sustainable development and constructive economic transactions among regional countries," IRNA reported.   

He said the intelligence ministry has regular cooperation with the intelligence agencies in the region as part of efforts to maintain a constructive interaction with regional countries, adding that obviously regional states have common interests, for which each individual country should play its due part.

Alavi said Iran enjoys "positive" and "constructive" relations with regional states.


First Deputy Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi, who was among other speakers at the conference, said cooperation with regional states is of high importance to the administration, adding, "Iran's neighboring states should try to familiarize themselves with the workings of (governing systems) in their neighbors at various levels through closer engagement and be prepared to use the existing opportunities in their bilateral relations," IRNA reported.  

He expressed hope that the conference would provide an opportunity for regional states to boost solidarity, understanding and cooperation.

Speaking at the conference, Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli stressed the need for sustainable development in regional countries and said, "In view of international developments and regional conditions, it is necessary to make efforts to promote relations among regional states," IRNA reported.

Later in the day, President Hassan Rouhani attended the conference and delivered a speech, in which he said the composition of the negotiating team engaged in the nuclear talks with the major powers indicates the fact that "Iran is firmly resolved to have interaction with the world."   

Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia and Pacific Affairs Ebrahim Rahimpour, ambassadors of neighboring countries to Iran, envoys to neighboring states and heads of chambers of commerce were also present at the meeting which was held at the interior ministry.