Independent Foreign Policy Think Tank Established

Independent Foreign Policy Think Tank Established Independent Foreign Policy Think Tank Established

The first independent Council on International Relations was established in Iran to help increase the country's presence in international arenas, said the secretary of the council, Hessamoddin Vaezzadeh.  

Describing the council as a non-governmental organization which aims to assist the diplomatic apparatus as well as the private and business sectors, he said it will try to have an influential presence at international level.  

Noting that non-governmental organizations in any country try to protect national interests, he cited the US Council on Foreign Relations as an example, which is highly recognized both regionally and internationally and has provided a platform for some Iranian officials to deliver speeches on several occasions to clarify the country's positions, Vaezzadeh noted. The organization will act within the context of the Islamic Republic's rules and will make efforts to promote the country's political positions at regional and international levels.

Establishment of an independent, non-governmental and non-profit expert council was among the main aims of forming the council to hold consultations on important issues facing the country, identify international opportunities and offer support and advice to public and private sectors.

Although since the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iran has always paid special attention to foreign policy, it has failed to make full use of the opportunities available in this area, the international relations expert said.       

Playing an active role on the international stage can help boost national pride and wealth, he said, adding that in order to introduce our culture to the world, it is necessary to find a powerful position in the global market, and this is what links knowledge, production and export to international relations.

When it comes to international relations, plans should be focused mainly on two areas: training skilled workforce and boosting industrial and economic production, he noted.

As an effective way to counter sanctions, he said it is essential to take full advantage of the available cultural, economic and political opportunities in international arenas to help wean the country off oil revenues and increase non-oil exports.

The official called on other organizations, the foreign ministry in particular, to have "reguler interaction" with the council.