Leader Attends Taklif Celebration for School Girls

The Leader called on the girls to become one of the great women of the country in the future by studying lessons, reading books, working and thinking
Leader Attends Taklif Celebration for School Girls
Leader Attends Taklif Celebration for School Girls

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Friday attended a celebration for hundreds of young female students who reached the age of Taklif, when a Muslim youth is required to observe religious obligations and responsibilities.
He congratulated the girls on the Taklif Celebration, saying it is a truly festive occasion because from that moment, they will be in a position where God will talk to them and entrust them with responsibilities. 
The position of “being addressed by God” is a very valuable rank of humanity, he told the girls, according to his website. 
“Taklif Celebration means you are no longer small children, but adolescents with responsibilities who can have an influence in the family, school, and when playing with friends and guide others toward the right path,” the Leader said. 
Ayatollah Khamenei also advised the girls to become friends with God, saying they can start this friendship from this very day with their shining and pure hearts. 
“One of the ways of becoming friends with God is by being attentive during prayers that you are talking with God, so learn the meaning and the translation of the words of prayers,” he said.
Another way of making friends with God is to do what He has said you should do and to avoid the deeds He has forbidden, the Leader told the young students. 
Highlighting the emergence of great, influential women in the history of Iran, saying such outstanding women in scientific sectors and applied work, who are a source of pride for the country, are today numerous and more than the past. 
“You too should try to become one of the great women of your dear country in the future by studying your lessons, reading books, working, and thinking.”
The Leader told the young girls, who had just religiously matured, that they, too, can play an important role in this momentous struggle that the Iranian nation started during the Islamic Revolution [1979] against oppression, misery and discrimination in the same way that many women did in the past. 
“Today, people are becoming aware of women’s outstanding efforts throughout the years of the revolution by studying about their great achievements in books.”
The young female students celebrated the start of a new season in their lives of worship and servitude to God during the cheerful ceremony, titled the “Celebration of Angels”.
They said the evening prayers in congregation behind Ayatollah Khamenei. 
At the end of the event, some of the young girls had the opportunity to speak with the Leader in a friendly, caring atmosphere.

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