Anti-Iran Stances, Moves by European Leaders Decried

Germany is using human rights as an instrument for its political games, Kanaani said
Anti-Iran Stances, Moves by European Leaders Decried
Anti-Iran Stances, Moves by European Leaders Decried

Iran’s Foreign Ministry censured certain European countries’ positions and measures against the Islamic Republic, describing them as undiplomatic and shameful. 
The ministry’s spokesman, Nasser Kanaani, pointed to German chancellor’s stance regarding the recent unrest in Iran, saying it was “interventionist, provocative and undiplomatic.”
“Unfortunately, some countries with human rights claims forget their dark record with regard to the honorable and resistant people of Iran … and have used human rights as an instrument for their political games,” he said, ISNA reported. 
As examples of Germany’s unfriendly behavior, he highlighted the European country’s “blind and unhuman support” of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in its imposed war on Iran (1980-88), observance of the United States’ cruel sanctions following its exit from the 2015 nuclear deal, and silence about the self-styled Islamic State’s terrorist actions, including the latest one in a shrine in Shiraz, Fars Province. 
“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s approach with respect to fundamental human rights principles … has always been on the basis of responsibility,” he said. 
This is while Germany evades its international responsibility concerning respect to countries’ sovereignty and hosts terrorist and separatist groups hostile to the Islamic Republic, according to Kanaani.
Berlin also adopts a selective and dual approach toward the crimes of the Zionist regime in every corner of the world, like in Palestine, and calls itself a defender of human rights, he added. 
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz strongly criticized the Iranian government Saturday for what he called “a bloody crackdown” on protesters. 
Iranian cities have seen unrest since the death of a young girl in police custody in late September which later developed into violent clashes between protesters and security forces. 
Tehran blamed the West for abusing the situation to provoke and fuel violence in line with their political agenda. 
Scholz, however claimed that “the Iranian government is solely responsible for this spate of violence.”
He added that Iran would receive additional sanctions for the alleged suppression. 
European Union foreign ministers are expected to agree on additional sanctions when they meet on Monday.
Underlining Iran’s long list of human rights-related demands of Germany, Kanaani stressed that it is Berlin that needs to clarify on past behavior. 
He once again warned of long-term consequences of undermining historical ties, calling on German officials to restore rationality to relations and prevent further confusion in ties. 
“Respect and mutual interests are the only ways toward lasting cooperation,” he said. 



Shameful Remarks 

Kanaani also condemned French president’s meeting with an opponent of the Islamic Republic and his companions on the sidelines of the Paris Peace Conference (Nov. 11-12). 
“It is a wonder that the president of a country with claims of freedom lowers his level and meets a detested and puppet figure who has attempted in recent months to spread hatred and promote violent and terrorist actions in Iran, as well as in diplomatic sites and against Iranian diplomats abroad,” he said. 
French President Emmanuel Macron held a meeting with four anti-Islamic Republic women dissidents on Friday. 
The four dissidents presented a list of demands for the French government, including recalling its ambassador from Tehran, reducing diplomatic relations to a minimum and sanctioning Iranian officials, according to the document obtained by AFP.
After the meeting, Macron told a conference in Paris of his respect and admiration in the context of what he referred to as “the revolution” that they are leading. 
Kanaani voiced strong protest to the remarks which he described as “deplorable and shameful.”
“This meeting is France’s clear violation of its international responsibilities in countering terrorism and violence and is regarded as promotion of this ominous phenomenon,” he said. 
He added that these anti-Iran measures will certainly be engraved in the memory of the great Iranian nation who have a good understanding of certain European states’ selective and anti-human rights approaches. 

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