Justice Key to Making a Better World

Justice Key to Making a Better World
Justice Key to Making a Better World

The main basis for building a better world is “justice”, by which all human ideals are assessed eventually, President Ebrahim Raisi said. 
“We believe in a common fate for all humanity and support the globalization of justice,” he said in his address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Wednesday, according to the full text of his speech. 
He described justice as rejecting oppression, adding that the Iranian people believe that justice brings unity, while oppression creates war. 
The president said the world is now turning toward a new order away from the old world which was unjust in every aspect.
“The decline of this old world order is certain and the West Asia region … is the great museum displaying such a collapse,” he said. 
As an example of injustice in the present world, he pointed to the West’s double standard with regard to Iran’s peaceful nuclear activity. 
He said some world powers forge issues about Iran’s civilian program, so that the main subject of nuclear disarmament would fade into oblivion. 
Moreover, while Iran met all its commitments under a 2015 nuclear deal, it faced the US unfaithfulness and reimposition of sanctions that they admit have been the most unprecedented in history, according to Raisi. 
He described sanctions as a weapon of mass destruction, saying any adherence to or silence toward them amount to contributing to oppression against the Iranian nation. 
Negotiations on the revival of the deal have been underway since early 2021, but have faced a stalemate as the US refuses to meet Iran’s legitimate demands, including assurances that no US government would abandon the deal in the future. 
Raisi said the Islamic Republic’s demand for reassuring guarantees is rooted in a past experience rather than mere preparation for a potential happening in the future.
“We have had the experience of America’s exit from the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action], as well as more than a year and half of procrastination by the present US government in returning to its commitments before us,” he said, using the deal’s formal name. 
“With such an experience and such prospect, can we compromise on the important issue of guarantees for the sustainability of the agreement?” 

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