Turkmenistan Releases 10 Iranians

Turkmenistan Releases 10 Iranians  Turkmenistan Releases 10 Iranians

Turkmen Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Rasit Meredow announced on Tuesday that President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow has issued a decree on the occasion of Turkmenistan’s State Flag Day granting amnesty for ten Iranian nationals imprisoned in the Central Asian country.

He added that the Iranians have been released and will come back to Iran in the coming days, ISNA reported.

According to the report, about 250 Iranians are currently held in Turkmenistan’s prisons and 11 Turkmen prisoners are held in Iran.

Over 50 Iranians incarcerated in Turkmenistan have been released over the past year through efforts by the foreign ministry and the Iranian Embassy in Ashkhabad, and in return, three Turkmen inmates have been repatriated to serve their terms in their country.