Iran’s Answer to EU Proposal on Nuclear Deal ‘Reasonable’

Iran’s Answer to EU Proposal on Nuclear Deal ‘Reasonable’
Iran’s Answer to EU Proposal on Nuclear Deal ‘Reasonable’

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Iran’s response to the EU initiative on the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal was “reasonable”. 
“There was a proposal from me as coordinator of the negotiations ... and a response from Iran that I considered reasonable,” he told a university event in the northern Spanish city of Santander, Reuters reported. 
Borrell put forward a new proposal early this month to break the months-long impasse in negotiations in Vienna, Austria, that aim to bring the United States and Iran back into compliance with the 2015 deal, formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. 
The US pulled out of the JCPOA four years ago and reimposed tough sanctions that prompted Tehran to row back on its commitments.
Iran submitted its response to the EU draft last week, which contained additional requests, chiefly involving the country’s economic interests. 
Borrell said Iran’s answer “was transmitted to the United States which has not yet responded formally,” adding the reply should have been submitted by now. 
He hoped that the US reply would clear the way for the conclusion of the talks, but said he could not give assurance in this regard. 
A meeting was expected late last week in Vienna, according to the EU diplomat, but was not held due to the US failure to respond. 
“It might be held this week,” he said. 



Responsible Approach 

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani said on Monday that the negotiations can move toward next stages if the United States acts responsibly and shows serious determination in practice. 
“The US government is responsible for the current situation [of talks],” he said at a regular press conference, ISNA reported. 
He added that Iran responded to the European suggestions on time and what matters today is the US delay in responding. 
Washington has been reviewing the EU draft and Iran’s comments for the past week and has been privately conveying feedback to the Europeans, but has not yet officially responded.
“We can only assess the fruitfulness of this round of talks when the EU announces it has received the US response,” Kanaani said. 
So far, relatively good progress has been made, he said, but negotiations are a package and a deal cannot be reached unless all issues are agreed upon. 
“The outstanding issues may be few, but are important ones and need to be decided and agreed on,” he said.
The spokesman stressed that the Islamic Republic will not stop pursuing its priorities even with the US procrastination and obvious efforts to drag out the talks.
Tehran is after a good, strong and lasting agreement, according to Kanaani, which means a deal in which Iran’s economic benefits are secured and sustainable and it is guaranteed that the other side will fulfill its commitments. 
Asked about Iran’s plans in the event that the US opposes the EU draft, Kanaani pointed out that the Vienna talks are only one of many issues on Iran’s foreign relations agenda.  
He said the Iranian government has not tied other areas of foreign relations, particularly international trade ties, to these negotiations. 
“Our plan B is continuing this very foreign policy of the past year more seriously and actively regardless of the process of negotiations to lift sanctions,” he said. 
The diplomat also underlined that the Vienna talks do not involve Iran’s interests unilaterally, but cover the interests of other parties even more. 
“If Iran needs this deal, the US and European sides are in greater need of the agreement,” he said, advising the western sides to adopt a wiser and more tactful approach. 

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