Tehran Ready for Swift Conclusion of Nuclear Talks

Iran has shared its proposed ideas, both on substance and form, to pave the way for a swift conclusion of Vienna negotiations, Baqeri Kani said 
Tehran Ready for Swift Conclusion of Nuclear Talks
Tehran Ready for Swift Conclusion of Nuclear Talks

Iran stands ready to conclude negotiations on the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal in short order if the United States is prepared to do the same, Iran’s top negotiator said. 
“We work closely with our JCPOA partners, in particular the Coordinator, to give another chance to the US to demonstrate good faith & act responsibly,” Ali Baqeri Kani said in a tweet, using the abbreviation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as the deal is formally called. 
Talks in the Austrian capital Vienna have been underway for more than a year with the aim of restoring the deal which promised sanctions relief to Tehran in return for curbs on its nuclear program. 
The JCPOA has been unravelling since the United States pulled out in 2018 and reimposed tough sanctions on Iran, who reacted by scaling down its commitments.
Vienna talks have been stalled for months over a few final differences, but the European Union coordinator of JCPOA, Josep Borrell, has prepared a new text which he says would “address all essential elements and includes hard-won compromises by all sides.”
Iran has received and reviewed the proposed plan and has presented its viewpoints, according to Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani. 
“There is a possibility that we can agree on the time of [resuming] the negotiations in near future and hold a new round of talks,” he said in a regular press briefing on Monday, ISNA reported. 
This, however, completely depends on the will of the other side to show preparedness to reach a logical, reasonable and lasting agreement and avoid raising irrelevant issues, he added. 
Baqeri Kani also said Iran has responded to Borrell’s initiative to facilitate the finalization of talks. 
“We shared our proposed ideas, both on substance & form, to pave the way for a swift conclusion of Vienna negotiations which were aimed at fixing the damaging complicated situation caused by the US unilateral & unlawful withdrawal,” he said. 
Besides Borrell’s plan, there have been other efforts and conversations over the past week to bring both sides’ views closer together, including the French president’s phone conversation with President Ebrahim Raisi, as well as contacts by several regional countries’ foreign ministers with Iran’s top diplomat, according to Kanaani. 
“Iran welcomes any initiative that could be of help along this course and have always responded positively,” he said. 
He stressed that the Islamic Republic has always been innovative and flexible, and has appeared at the negotiating table with initiatives. 



No Deadline or Threat 

In an opinion piece about his proposal, Borrell had said that the text represents the best possible deal that he, as facilitator of the negotiations, sees as feasible, and that he sees no other comprehensive or effective alternative within reach.
He also warned that every day with no agreement in Vienna postpones concrete economic benefits to the Iranian people through substantial US sanctions lifting, as well as the benefits of non-proliferation for the world.
Asked if the statements are seen as deadlines or warning about the failure of negotiations, Kanaani said Iran’s interpretation is positive and not along such lines. 
“Our assessment is that Mr. Borrell is trying seriously to play his role to reconcile both sides’ views and prepare the ground for the new round of talks,” he said. 
“We try to think optimistically that Mr. Borrell’s role is helpful and positive.” 
He also reiterated that negotiation under threat and intimidation is not possible and it is not reasonable for a party to both threaten and call for talks. 
“These are experienced methods and the other sides, including the Americans, know that the Islamic Republic would not negotiate under threat and such method will basically fail to produce an outcome,” he said. 

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