2-Stage Deal Rejected

2-Stage Deal Rejected  2-Stage Deal Rejected

A senior advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said it is not in the interest of Iran to enter into a two-stage nuclear agreement with the major powers which would deal with general points in one stage and details in another stage, suggesting that Iran wants sanctions to be lifted swiftly as part of a prospective long-term nuclear settlement.

“It is one of our principles that we should reach agreement on general points and details at the same time, and the negotiating team will adhere to this principle,” Ali Akbar Velayati told reporters on Monday, according to ISNA.

Iran and its international negotiating partners (the United States, France, Britain, Germany, China and Russia) are in talks to work out a final accord to resolve the long-running dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program by a June 30 deadline.

“The separation of generalities and details will not produce the desired result for us.”