Deal Possible If Negotiating Parties Change Mindset

Deal Possible If Negotiating Parties Change MindsetDeal Possible If Negotiating Parties Change Mindset

The deputy foreign minister said if Iran's negotiating partners in the talks over its nuclear program change their mentality toward the issue, a comprehensive deal will be within reach in a short time.  

In a meeting with Political Director of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wegger Strommen in Tehran on Monday, Majid Takht-Ravanchi said, "If the other side in the talks abandons its old mindset and stops instrumental use of sanctions, reaching a comprehensive agreement is feasible within a short time," IRNA reported.         

Referring to Iran-Norway ties, the official welcomed increased political consultations between the two states and expressed satisfaction with the growing trend of bilateral relations which has marked the "beginning of a new chapter" in Tehran-Oslo relationship.

He went on to say that all bilateral, regional and international capacities should be utilized to help promote interaction and cooperation between the two states.

The deputy foreign minister for European and American affairs stressed the necessity of enhancing economic and business cooperation between Iran and Norway under any conditions, noting, "The low level of bilateral economic transactions requires more attention and action (to reverse the trend), while there is still great potential to be used to expand relations."  

Takht-Ravanchi referred to oil, gas, petrochemicals, energy, fishing, and environment as appropriate grounds for bilateral cooperation.

Referring to Iran-Norway long-standing relations, Strommen said, "There is great potential for cooperation," adding, "We are very hopeful that the nuclear talks will come to a good end."

"Successful negotiations will be to the benefit of all the involving parties at bilateral, regional and international levels."

The Norwegian diplomat touched on Iran-Norway economic cooperation and said, "The energy sector and maritime cooperation, such as fishing and environmental issues, are proper spheres for cooperation and we hope to expand bilateral ties on the basis of agreements reached earlier."