Reformists Aim for Competent Parliament

Reformists Aim for Competent Parliament Reformists Aim for Competent Parliament

A former vice president has vowed a strong presence by the reformist camp in the 2016 parliamentary election, stressing that a united parliament is essential to help the administration address the country's economic and social woes.  

Mohammad Reza Aref, who served as vice president under Mohammad Khatami, underlined the role of a "capable and competent" legislative body and urged both reformist and principlist camps to actively take part in the next election, ISNA reported.  

He said, "The strong presence of both reformist and principlist camps in the next election can lead to formation of a capable body that can assist the administration in addressing the country's problems and challenges."  Aref, who is head of Baran Foundation, made the remarks in a gathering of students and academics in Gorgan in northern Golestan Province.  

The veteran politician cautioned against efforts that are being made to eliminate the "root of reforms" and said, "In our country there are only two major camps (reformists and principlists) and none of them can be eliminated."  He also said, "The reformist discourse is based on the ideals of the late (founder of the Islamic Republic) Ayatollah Khomeini," adding, "In order to safeguard those principles, the reformist camp should maintain a strong presence in various political and social spheres."  

Aref referred to corruption as the bane of any society and said the election of President Hassan Rouhani in 2013 was a step forward in fighting corruption and "restoring the course of the 1979 revolution."  In a separate address to the people of Torkaman Sahra and Gonbad, Aref said the current administration is facing "serious challenges" in implementing its plans and policies.

He noted that some speeches and actions at parliament can in no way help the progress of the country. That is why, he said, the next parliament should be a combination of forces from various political camps that are ready to assist the government in overcoming the challenges.