Report of Modifications at Parchin Site Denied

Report of Modifications at Parchin Site DeniedReport of Modifications at Parchin Site Denied

A member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee denied the report that modifications have been made at the Parchin military facility southeast of Tehran.

As part of its investigation into Iran's nuclear activities, the International Atomic Energy Agency has requested in recent years to visit the Parchin site, where it claims explosive tests relevant for nuclear weapons may have taken place. Iran denies the allegation and says inspection of Parchin is outside the purview of the UN nuclear agency as the place is a military facility. Iran denies the allegation that it may have been developing the capability to build nuclear weapons under the guise of a civilian program, saying the program is solely for peaceful applications, including power generation.

The Institute for Science and International Security in a recent article posted on its website claimed that new Digital Globe imagery purchased and analyzed by ISIS shows continued signs of external activity at the Parchin military site.

"The signatures visible in the most recent imagery indicate that Iran may be engaging in new asphalting at the site, efforts likely aimed at concealing past banned activities," the think tank said.

Lawmaker Vahid Ahmadi said the report that Iran has carried out construction work at Parchin "has no basis in fact."

"The report has been drafted as part of the defined policy of the westerners which are always seeking to raise unreal issues to pressure nations," he said, adding, "They have prepared the report to manipulate public opinion with regard to the nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) to create a commotion about the negotiations."

"Through raising unreal issues, they try to give the impression that Iran pursued an untransparent approach on the nuclear issue, which was the reason why the talks did not reach any conclusion, in the event that the talks collapse," he added.