Need to Train a Generation Able to Promote Advanced Islamic Civilization

Potential creators of a new Islamic civilization are now in the care of teachers, the Leader said
Need to Train a Generation Able to Promote Advanced Islamic Civilization
Need to Train a Generation Able to Promote Advanced Islamic Civilization

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei called on the educational staff to train a conscious and resistant generation of youth with a sense of national identity who can create a great Islamic civilization. 
“This generation must have a sense of Iranian-Islamic identity, deep and strong beliefs and confidence, and must be conscious, knowledgeable and proficient, to be able to form such a great civilization,” he said in a meeting with a group of teachers on Wednesday, reported.
The purpose of this meeting, according to the Leader, was to underline the role of teachers and imprint their value in the public mind so that they feel proud of their job and the society view them as honorable people. 
Besides teaching and training, he said, a teacher’s job has a greater value in terms of their young audience who are at the best age to be educated. 
“Human resources are the foundation of any civilization and the creators of a new Islamic civilization are now in the hands of teachers,” he said, adding that the importance of teaching must be comprehended from this point of view. 
Thanks to the efforts of teachers over the past four decades, proficient individuals have thrived, but this is not enough for the realization of the desired glorious civilization, the Leader said. 
Ayatollah Khamenei regretted school students’ lack of knowledge about the achievement and ideals of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, calling on teachers to infuse such information to the youth. 
The future generation also needs to learn the importance of resistance in a world where powers from both east and west seek to dominate, he said. 



Spirit of Benevolence 

The Leader said issues such as livelihood problems should not disappoint and exhaust teachers or undermine their valuable work, because the young generation are precious jewels in their custody. 
He urged relevant authorities as always to put up efforts to improve teachers’ livelihoods. 
“Despite the government’s constraints, issues related to teachers’ livelihoods, insurance, retirement and health care must receive special attention,” he said. 
In spite of great demands from the education ministry, Ayatollah Khamenei advised teachers not to wait for the fulfillment of those expectations and pursue their job with personal initiative and a spirit of benevolence and compassion. 
The Leader highlighted the role of the education ministry as an influential entity in building a country’s future. 
“One could guess the future of a country from today’s state of its education system.” 
To reach the desirable condition, current issues must be addressed in a proper way, according to the Leader, including in the preparation of appropriate educational material and supplying the needed number of teaching staff.
He called for reforming school syllabuses so that “beneficial knowledge” would replace non-beneficial lessons and certain hours are allocated to acquiring skills instead of useless materials. 

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