Need to Help Gov’t Implement Major Economic Plans

The Leader expressed hope that the new administration’s policies would gradually address the problems of the working community
Need to Help Gov’t Implement Major Economic Plans
Need to Help Gov’t Implement Major Economic Plans

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei highlighted important economic plans on the government’s agenda, calling on all branches of power and various organizations, as well as the people, to help implement those projects. 
He made the remarks is a meeting with a groups of workers on Monday, where he expressed hope that the new administration’s policies would gradually address the problems of the working community, reported.
The purpose of this meeting was to underline the value of working and express appreciation and thanks to workers who have been deeply honored by Islam, according to the Leader.
“Unlike the exploitive view of the capitalist system and the hackneyed view of the collapsed communist system, Islam’s view of workers is appreciative and value-centered,” he said. 
He also commended workers’ national services, including in economic, political and military sectors. 
In the economic arena, workers have acted as the main pillars of production and foiled arrogant powers’ plots to disable the country’s manufacturing through their resistance, he added. 
The working community also defeated enemies in the political battlefield when those countries attempted to provoke them to abuse the demands of this class of society as a symbol of popular protests, the Leader said. 
“The best example [of this group’s service] in the military sector, is their 14,000 martyrs during the sacred defense [Iran-Iraq war in 1980-88],” he said. 
Ayatollah Khamenei thanked the working community for standing up to enemy plots, urging all relevant managers and authorities to implement their plans as promised.  



Working Class Issues

The Leader later said increasing job opportunities, fair management of work and capital, and job security are three fundamental issues of the working class. 
More jobs can be created by encouraging private investment along with the government’s proper management, as well as through an increase in knowledge-based organizations, he said. 
He described worker and entrepreneur, or work and capital, as two basic requirements, stressing the need for forging fair relations between the two. 
Issues such as temporary contracts which undermine job security must also be addressed in a way that workers feel safe while employers are able to exercise discipline in the work place, according to the Leader. 
To provide job security, it is also important to boost production, he added, because disruption in this sector would directly harm workers’ employment. 
“Smuggling and unchecked import of goods which have high-quality domestic equivalents is a dagger in the heart of the country’s production,” he said. 
The Leader called on the people to commit themselves to buying domestic products, since preferring foreign goods to domestic ones would only hurt Iranian workers while serving the interests of foreign laborers. 
It is also essential that the educational system become more practical so as to improve workers’ skills and consequently, the quality and value of products.  

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