Tehran Extends Hand of Friendship to Muslim World

Tehran Extends Hand of Friendship to Muslim World
Tehran Extends Hand of Friendship to Muslim World

On the eve of the International Quds Day on Thursday, President Ebrahim Raisi said Iran intended to cultivate friendship with Muslim nations.
“The Islamic Republic of Iran extends hand of friendship to all nations in the world, including Muslim countries and especially its neighbors,” the top official was quoted as saying by his website in a meeting with representatives of Islamic countries from across the world. 
He stressed, “We seek utmost interaction with the world, and within this framework we prioritize neighbors, friends and Islamic nations.”
“Great civilizations such as Iran and Egypt … can play a unique role in the promotion of friendship and cooperation among Muslims,” he noted.
The president’s meeting with envoys from Muslim nations was held on the occasion of the International Quds Day, which takes place every year on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan when millions of Muslims take to the streets in solidarity with Palestinians.  
The president called on people to participate in the Quds rallies to show support for Palestinians and voice opposition to “normalization” with the Zionist regime occupying Palestinian lands. 
“The countries normalizing relations with the bloodthirsty Zionist regime are like those who nourish a snake in their bosom,” the president said, noting, “This will undoubtedly bring out rage and resentment in close to two billion Muslims in the world.”
In 2020, Israel established diplomatic relations with four Arab League nations, namely Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan and Morocco. It had formed ties with Egypt and Jordan decades earlier. 
Pointing out that Israel is weak and unstable, Raisi said, “The usurping Zionist regime is a serious threat to the international Muslim [nation].”
Raisi concluded that the International Quds Day is a day for unity among Muslims and disappointment for the Zionist regime. 

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