Iran-Sino Coop. Can Boost Int’l Security

Iran-Sino Coop. Can Boost Int’l Security
Iran-Sino Coop. Can Boost Int’l Security

Strengthening relations between Tehran and Beijing can provide security for the region and the world, especially in the current critical and turbulent global conditions, China’s top defense official said. 
“Iran and China can cooperate in all international issues and help promote peace and calmness in the world,” Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said in a meeting with President Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran on Wednesday, reported.
The Iranian president said regional and international developments have further demonstrated the value of strategic Tehran-Beijing relations. 
“Unilateralism and hegemony are aimed at controlling countries and preventing a sustainable global economy, and combating unilateralism and establishing stability and order is only possible through the cooperation of independent and likeminded powers,” he said. 
He also highlighted the great capacities for large-scale investments in Iran, including in transport, energy and infrastructural sectors. 
Raisi later pointed to the United States’ exit from the multinational 2015 nuclear deal as an example of unilateral policies of the West. 
“By violating the [agreement], the Americans wanted to put Iran under the most severe pressure, but today they confess that they have desperately failed in imposing maximum pressure on Iran,” he said, adding that the Iranian nation showed it is possible to achieve one’s rights and ideal aspirations through resistance.  

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