Pillars of National Strength Must Be Preserved

Pillars of National Strength Must Be Preserved
Pillars of National Strength Must Be Preserved

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei underscored the need to preserve the pillars of national strength such as the defensive power, nuclear program and regional presence.
The Leader made the remarks in a meeting with members of the Assembly of Experts in Tehran on Thursday, reported. 
Ayatollah Khamenei said, “National strength is vital for every country. If any nation wishes to achieve independence and greatness, the ability to use its own vital resources at its own volition … it should be strong. Otherwise, if it is weak, humiliated and intimidated, it will always have to worry about the transgressions of foreigner powers.”
The Leader described national strength as being an intertwined combination of different pillars. He explained that “science and technology, thinking, reflection and free thought are some of the pillars of national strength. If there is no free thought and intellectual progress, science and technology will not be able to open the way.”
Ayatollah Khamenei referred to “strong security and defense,” “the economy, the public well-being and the economic welfare of the people,” “diplomatic strength and bargaining power for ensuring national interests at a regional and global level,” “culture and lifestyle,” and “an appealing logic that influences other nations” as being other constituents of national strength. Furthermore, he stressed, “Attracting nations brings strategic depth for any country, and this is very important.”  
He added, “None of these arms of national strength should be eliminated in favor of other pillars.”  
Citing examples in this regard, the Leader stressed that proposals such as abandoning regional involvement in order to avoid giving the enemy an excuse and stopping scientific progress in the nuclear sciences are actually blows to national strength. 
“Regional involvement gives us strategic depth and more national strength. Why should we stop this approach? Progress in the nuclear sciences too is related to meeting the needs of the country in the near future.”



Grave Mistake 

The Leader stressed that giving in to the US or any other power in order to be immune from their sanctions is a grave mistake and a blow to the country’s political strength.
“There is no idea more naive and simple-minded than the proposal to decrease our defensive strength so that the enemy won’t become sensitive.”
In this regard, he stressed, “Over the years, some of these feeble, unfounded proposals have been put forward, all of which were unfitting and indeed they were rejected. If the people who had wanted to cut some of the arms of national strength had been given permission to go ahead, Iran would be facing grave dangers today.”
Expanding on the pillars of national strength, the Leader said, “The issues that are directly related to people—national unity, the nation’s trust and hope, the preservation of the nation’s faith, the issue of the people’s livelihood and the facilitation of social issues related to the people—are very important in increasing national strength.”
Ayatollah Khamenei drew attention to the fact that the resolution of these matters will lead to the maximum involvement of the people and added, “Of course, the people have always been involved despite various problems. But if these needs are met, the nation will unanimously be involved and there will be no worries or fears for the country thereafter.”
In addition, the Leader stated that the Assembly of Experts plays an important role in strengthening the Islamic government, adding that “the necessary condition for all legal institutions to be effective, such as the Assembly of Experts, is for them to act in accordance with the duties that the Constitution has specified for them.”
“The Assembly of Experts must carefully comply with the strict legal regulations regarding the person who is currently in the position of the Leader and the person who will later be elected to this position by the votes of the members of this assembly.”

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