Latest Developments in Vienna Negotiations Reviewed in Tehran

Fulfilment of requirements for the formation of a reliable, balanced and sustainable agreement is unavoidable, Shamkhani said
Latest Developments in Vienna Negotiations Reviewed in Tehran
Latest Developments in Vienna Negotiations Reviewed in Tehran

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani held a special meeting with a group of lawmakers on Wednesday to review the latest developments in negotiations on the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. 
Members of parliament were briefed about the course of the talks since the new government of President Ebrahim Raisi took over, including progresses and challenges ahead, as well as the main priorities on the agenda of the Iranian negotiating team, ISNA reported.  
Negotiations started in the Austrian capital Vienna in April to restore the faltering nuclear deal, from which Washington pulled out in 2018 and reimposed tough sanctions that prompted Tehran to roll back on its commitments in response. 
Eight rounds through the talks, some diplomats are anticipating a conclusion soon while some key areas of conflict are yet to be agreed upon. 
Iran wants an effective and verifiable removal of all US sanctions before reversing its nuclear measures. It also demands assurances that no US government would violate the deal again. 
In the meeting, Shamkhani stressed the need for resolving the remaining issues over which no agreement has been reached yet.   
“The bitter experiences of the US unfaithfulness and Europe’s inaction have made it unavoidable to seek fulfilment of requirements for the formation of a reliable, balanced and sustainable agreement,” he said. 
He added that along with efforts to have the sanctions removed, the country’s main strategy is to focus on creating mechanisms to neutralize the bans. 
“Fortunately, good measures have been taken in this regard,” he said. 
The lawmakers highlighted the country’s passage through chokepoints created in national economy and people’s livelihoods as a result of cruel sanctions, calling for the continuation of efforts by the Iranian negotiating team in Vienna for upholding the nation’s denied rights under the JCPOA until achieving an outcome.



Reasonable Solution 

Iran’s top negotiator Ali Baqeri Kani who had returned to Tehran for consultations, set off for Austrian capital on Sunday evening with a specific agenda for resolving outstanding issues that have put the talks on the edge of what the Supreme National Security Council described as “agreement or deadlock”. 
In his latest remarks, he said to finish the job, “there are certain decisions that our Western interlocutors need to take.”
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said a deal is at hand if Washington makes its mind. 
“Iran is willing, but will not wait forever.”
France’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday that it was urgent to conclude the talks this week.
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also said on Wednesday that a new Iran nuclear agreement “cannot be postponed any longer.”
“Now is the time to make a decision… Now is the time to finally say yes to something that represents a good and reasonable solution,” he said.  
The Supreme National Security Council in a recent statement called for a quick resolution of the remaining sticking points, but stressed that no timeline can prevent the continuation of talks until an outcome is reached and a good agreement is struck.

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