Diplomats Visit KRG Parliament

Diplomats Visit KRG ParliamentDiplomats Visit KRG Parliament

A delegation headed by foreign ministry director general for Persian Gulf region Mohammad Farazmand visited the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament.

In the absence of Kurdistan's parliament speaker, the delegation met with the deputy speaker, Jaafar Emniki, Fars news agency reported on Saturday.

Bilateral relations and mutual cooperation were discussed by the officials.

The foreign ministry official, for his part, touched on the historical ties between Iran and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and stressed the necessity for expansion of relations.  

The ways to deal with the self-declared Islamic State (IS) militant group and the necessity for regional and international military cooperation to root out terrorism and restore peace and stability in the region were among other topics which were discussed in the meeting.  

Calling IS a serious threat to the stability of the region, Farazmand expressed Tehran's readiness for cooperation to promote the regional security and fight the terrorist group.

The Iraqi Kurdish deputy speaker said the KRG has always been grateful to Iran for its continued cooperation and support, particularly the assistance it provided after IS militants started their acts of aggression against the people of the region.