Iran’s Maximum Interaction Policy Unaffected by Int’l Developments

Iran seeks “maximum interaction” with all countries around the world, especially its neighbors and allies, Raisi said
Iran’s Maximum Interaction Policy Unaffected by Int’l Developments
Iran’s Maximum Interaction Policy Unaffected by Int’l Developments

Iran’s policy of maximum interaction with independent governments is original and will continue regardless of the developments in the international environment, President Ebrahim Raisi said Thursday. 
“The Islamic Republic of Iran seeks ‘maximum interaction’ with all countries around the world, especially its neighbors and allies,” he said in an address to the State Duma of Russia, reported. 
He said the purpose of such cooperation is to ensure the mutual interests of nations while helping to create a “civilized global community”. 
An international system based on domination has proved to have no output but war, violence, insecurity and division among nations, according to Raisi. 
The policy of military occupation has now ended in failure thanks to “the resistance of nations” to maintain the independence of their countries, he said.  
Along this line, he added, Tehran and Moscow successfully cooperated in Syria in the fight against terrorism, which is a by-product of hegemony. 
Although the strategy of domination has now failed and the power of independent nations is experiencing its historic growth, the desires for domination have not disappeared and new forms of domination are on the agenda, Raisi cautioned. 
“The most important goal of this agenda is to weaken independent governments from within, which is pursued through economic sanctions, destabilization, the promotion of insecurity, and false narratives of events,” the president said. 
Sanctioning nations is a common form of new domination, and countering it requires the cooperation of independent states and a collective response, he noted. 
“Otherwise, sanctions will affect all countries.” 
He pointed as an example to the United States’ sweeping sanctions that have been imposed on Tehran under the pretext of nuclear activities when the country’s atomic program was within legal frameworks and under constant supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency.
The US reimposed a set of sanctions as part of its maximum pressure campaign after withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal three years ago. 
Iran withstood the pressure and later stepped beyond the limits of the agreement in response but is ready to return once sanctions are removed effectively. 
“Iran is the winner of two battlefields against terrorism and the campaign of maximum economic pressure,” Raisi said. 
He added that Iran is serious about reaching an agreement on reviving the deal if the other parties are serious about lifting the sanctions effectively and operationally.
“We do not relinquish the rights of our nation.” 
At the same time and regardless of such international circumstances, Iran will continue to draw on its extensive economic potential, especially in the fields of energy, trade, agriculture, industry and technology, to foster beneficial bilateral or multilateral relations with different countries, according to the president.  
“In this regard, basic agreements have been reached between Iran and Russia, which will cause a significant leap in bilateral economic relations for the benefit of the two nations, and effective regional cooperation for the benefit of peace and stability of nations in different regions,” he said. 
Iran has the necessary will and readiness to develop and expand relations with Russia and there are very clear horizons for mutual cooperation at the bilateral, regional and international levels, he added. 
“Strengthening Iran-Russia relations in bilateral and multilateral forms will boost the economies of the two nations and strengthen regional and international security.”  
He noted, however, that relations between the two countries should be designed in such a way that, while providing mutual benefits, they are safe from the interference of third parties.
For this purpose, the two countries can start trade exchanges with their national currencies to be free of the domination of US dollar, he said upon his return from Moscow. 

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