Wish for Stable, Progressive Egypt

Wish for Stable, Progressive Egypt Wish for Stable, Progressive Egypt

The head of Iran's interest section in Cairo said Iran wishes stability, integrity and progress for Egypt and calls on the Arab country to play its key role in the region and the Muslim world.

Mohammad Mahmoudian made the remarks in a ceremony held in the Egyptian capital to commemorate the 36th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, ISNA reported on Saturday.

He pointed to expansion of cordial relations with Muslim states as a strategic foreign policy priority, adding, "Iran views Egypt strategically (and considers it) a major state in the Muslim and Arab worlds due to its history, civilization and religions."

"Iran is keen to see Egypt as a stable, integrated and developed state which plays its true and historical part in the region and the whole Muslim world."

Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister Yasser Morad, representing the Egyptian government, attended the ceremony and congratulated the Iranian nation and government on the occasion.

Foreign ambassadors and heads of mission, heads of international organizations' offices, diplomats, political, cultural and religious figures, business leaders and directors of private and public companies in Cairo as well as some Iranian nationals residing in Cairo attended the ceremony.

The head of the interest section said Iran follows the path toward development strongly and relying on its people's backing as its principled policy and through good interaction with the world community.

He went on to say that Iran considers the security and stability of Egypt and other regional states as its own, noting the Iranian people and government have been the victim of security issues, such as terrorism, and therefore are a pioneer in dealing with such challenges in the region.

Mahmoudian pointed out, "The Islamic Republic of Iran based on its moral and Islamic commitments and in line with (its policy to) cooperate with other regional states, makes efforts to use its influence to boost stability, security and development in the region and seriously helps foil the plots hatched by the common enemies of the Muslim world, particularly the Zionist regime, and supports the sacred cause of the Palestinian nation."