Terror Group Bust in SE Iran

Terror Group Bust in SE IranTerror Group Bust in SE Iran

The intelligence ministry said a terrorist group was dismantled in southeastern Iran in a joint operation with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.  

Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said in a press conference on Saturday that the terrorists had planned to carry out sabotage and terror attacks inside Iran.

He added that the arrested people have confessed to carrying out the assassination of several teachers in Sistan and Baluchestan Province as well as involvement in a series of other crimes against local security forces, including a number of roadside bombings.

Security forces seized "about 350 kg of explosives, handmade bombs and explosive belts, as well as a large quantity of weapons and ammunition," Alavi said.

He thanked the local people for their close cooperation with security forces that led to the dismantling of the terrorist group.

The province has seen a spate of terrorist attacks in recent years with gunmen crossing the porous border with Pakistan.