West’s Policy on Yemen Deceitful

West’s Policy on Yemen DeceitfulWest’s Policy on Yemen Deceitful

The chairman of the General Staff of the Armed Forces accused western governments of being deceitful about the current security situation in Yemen. Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said late Wednesday that the decision by some western governments to close their embassies in Sanaa is part of their deceptive scheme about security conditions in the Arab country, Press TV reported.  

“One can smell conspiracy from the conduct of the Americans, the British and the French. They are using trickery and making a fuss,” Firouzabadi said.  “In Yemen, there has never been any insecurity unless the Americans and their followers in Europe want to give rise to it,” he said.  The United States, Britain and France closed their embassies in Sanaa on Wednesday, citing security concerns since the Houthi takeover of the capital.