Austria Backs Result-Oriented Nuclear Talks

Austria Backs Result-Oriented Nuclear Talks
Austria Backs Result-Oriented Nuclear Talks

Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Linhart said that as an active host to negotiations on the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal, Vienna would do its utmost to support a successful outcome of the talks.
“We strongly hope that all sides return to full and effective implementation of the agreement,” he told IRNA ahead of the resumption of the talks that have been at pause for nearly five months.
The Vienna negotiations started in April to work out how the United States and Iran can return to full compliance with the nuclear deal, formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
The US pulled out in 2018 and reimposed sweeping sanctions on Tehran which reacted by scaling down its commitments.
The talks were halted after six rounds, following the presidential elections in Iran which brought a more conservative government to power.
The new administration reviewed the track record of past rounds and has recently announced November 29 as the date for the restart of the negotiations.
Linhart said Austria highly welcomes that JCPOA talks are beginning again in Vienna.
“I am very happy that Austria will continue to host the talks and that Vienna will once again serve as a dialogue hub on this very important issue,” he added.
Iran’s position is that all US sanctions must be removed before it reverses its countermeasures.
US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said Washington believes it remains possible to reach and implement an understanding in relatively short order if the Iranians are serious, but this window of opportunity will not be open forever.
Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi stressed that the negotiations that Tehran is considering are result-oriented ones.
“We will not leave the negotiating table ... but we will not retreat from the interests of our nation in any way,” he said.
Iran also demands a guarantee that the US would not abandon the deal once again, saying the talks would fail otherwise.


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