IRCS to Import 60m Vaccine Shots in October

IRCS to Import 60m Vaccine Shots in October
IRCS to Import 60m Vaccine Shots in October

The Iranian Red Crescent Society announced that it has finalized agreements to import 60 million doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine in a one-month period.
“As of October 2 until the first of November, 15 million doses will be brought in every week to make up a total of 60 million,” Karim Hemmati, head of the organization, was quoted as saying by ISNA on Monday.
The IRCS is largely responsible for the accelerated vaccine rollout across the country. 
Over 31 million people, roughly half of the target population, have been vaccinated, most of whom received the injection in the past month after imports picked up speed. 
Health Minister Bahram Einollahi pointed to the significant milestone and said, “We could reach 70% vaccine coverage in two to three weeks.”
Over 31.3 million have received a first dose and 14.4 million people have been fully vaccinated against the viral infection. Iran gave out 1.3 million vaccine shots only in the past 24 hours.



Mass Vaccination

Einollahi said on Tuesday that anyone over the age of 18 is now eligible to receive Covid vaccines as the country enjoys an abundance of vaccines. 
“We have no limitations in inoculation any longer and starting today, anyone over 18 years old can visit vaccination centers,” the minister said.
He also said that as more people are getting vaccinated, restrictive measures such as the nighttime curfew and a ban on interprovincial travel will be gradually lifted.
He added, “Over the next two weeks, we’ll give the National Coronavirus Headquarters new plans to reduce and remove restrictions.”
Iran has placed a nationwide nightly curfew on movement since last year to prevent gatherings and crowds. 
The country is also giving vaccines to students between 12-18 years old to pave the way for a physical return to classrooms.

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