Call for Prosecution of US, Allies for Extraterritorial Sanctions

Call for Prosecution of US, Allies for Extraterritorial Sanctions
Call for Prosecution of US, Allies for Extraterritorial Sanctions

Permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva called for prosecution of the US and some European states for enforcing Washington’s illegal sanctions on certain countries, including Iran.
Esmaeil Baqaei Hamaneh said before 48th Session of the Human Rights Council, “Sanctions are generally sold to the public on a pack of egregious distortions and falsehood, including the so-called ‘humanitarian exception’”, IRNA reported. 
“It doesn’t exist; even a global health emergency—the global Covid pandemic—could not motivate the United States to show humanity; the extent and layers of unilateral coercive measures were further toughened during the past 2 years. They even did not spare Covid-19 vaccines nor has the COVAX mechanism been immune from the impacts of sanctions.”
“Accountability must be a part and parcel of any scheme to address and contain the negative impacts of unilateral coercive measures on enjoyment of human rights. It is high time that the United States, as the main culprit, and those European states that have long enforced the US unlawful sanctions against the targeted countries were held to account,” he said.
He added, “Unilateral coercive measures are wrongful acts entailing the international responsibility of the imposing states and the states that act as accomplices by enforcing those measures.” 
“They constitute crime against humanity due to their deliberate and indiscriminate harmful impacts on the innocent people by subjecting them to severe economic hardship amounting to starvation.”
“We concur that a coherent approach is needed to comprehensively address different aspects of UCMs and their impacts, including the illegality of extraterritorial application of domestic legislations as well as their human rights and humanitarian implications.”

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