Cooperation With India Beneficial to Regional Stability

Cooperation With India  Beneficial to Regional Stability Cooperation With India  Beneficial to Regional Stability

The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) said cooperation between Tehran and New Delhi has always served their national interests and been helpful in promoting regional stability.

In a meeting with Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval on Tuesday in Tehran, Ali Shamkhani described the two countries as neighbors with no joint border, adding, “With the political will of the two states’ leaders, joint cooperation between Iran and India as two strategic partners has always been increasing in line with national interests and regional stability,” IRNA reported.

Referring to the historical and cultural similarities between the two states, he welcomed India’s investment in the projects to develop ports and railroad networks in eastern Iran and further cooperation in multilateral transit systems.

Shamkhani touched on Iran’s warnings on the growing wave of terrorism in the region and the horrible consequences of providing financial aid and arms by some western countries and their regional allies to terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq and said, “Unfortunately, western countries’ insistence to ignore the true rights of nations and their efforts to change  governments using the instrument of terrorism have resulted in expansion of such groups and further aggravation of the crisis in the region.”

Stressing the necessity for more active role on the part of Non-Aligned Movement member states to reinforce world peace and stability, the SNSC secretary called for regional powers’ involvement in an effective and real campaign against terrorism.

The Indian official, for his part, praised Iran’s role in the fight against terrorism and its efforts to improve stability and security in West Asia and called for promotion of wide-ranging cooperation between the two countries.

In a separate meeting, Ajit Doval conferred with President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday.

Referring to the negotiations between Iran and the six major powers on Tehran’s nuclear program, the president emphasized that Iran is seriously engaged in the nuclear talks, adding, “Good progress has been made so far, however, we are far from a final agreement.”

“Iran has taken the necessary steps and now it is the other side’s turn to seize the opportunity (for a final deal),” he noted.