Expert Gives Insight Into Afghanistan’s Realities

Expert Gives Insight Into Afghanistan’s Realities
Expert Gives Insight Into Afghanistan’s Realities

The situation in Afghanistan has become the most important foreign policy issue in the region after the withdrawal of US troops and the Taliban’s takeover of the country. There are some facts in Afghanistan that need to be considered to make a proper analysis, a foreign policy expert and former diplomat pointed out in an article published by IRNA.  
Mohsen Pakaein said the first fact is the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan. The US pulled out its troops from Afghanistan after 20 years of NATO presence, in effect admitting defeat.
The result of the US and NATO presence in the country was the killing and torture of oppressed people, destruction and underdevelopment, increased production and trafficking of narcotics, transfer of terrorists to Afghanistan and the strengthening of terrorism, the collapse of a weak army and the rise of the Taliban militant group.
Although the US decided to end its military presence in Afghanistan, it intends to maintain its “soft” influence in the country, the expert noted. 
Creating civil war is one of the White House’s current goals. Strengthening the anti-American approach in Afghanistan can help bring security and stability to the country, and the policy-making forces and the people of Afghanistan must be united, watching the soft plots of the US and other powers.
The second reality is the non-Pashtun tribes in Afghanistan who have always played an effective role in maintaining the independence and territorial integrity of this country. Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks, Shias and Turkmens fought valiantly during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, NATO occupation of Afghanistan and the rise of the Taliban as a terrorist group, and defended their land with all their might.
The result of these efforts was to prevent the disintegration of Afghanistan and the formation of the legitimate governments of Burhanuddin Rabbani, Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani and the National Assembly and other legal institutions, especially the drafting of the constitution of Afghanistan.



Unforgettable Struggle 

History will never forget the struggle of people like Ahmad Shah Massoud in these events. These tribes and groups must continue to play a role in determining the fate of Afghanistan and have a worthy place in the future government of Afghanistan. Certainly, peace, stability and security will not prevail in Afghanistan without considering the rights and status of other ethnic groups.
The third reality in Afghanistan is the Taliban. This group is not a well-reputed group among the Afghan people due to its history and criminal and terrorist activities. The past of this group cannot and should not be purified or denied. But it should be noted that the Taliban is an internal group and, as opposed to the self-styled Islamic State and al-Qaeda, has no roots outside Afghanistan. The Taliban are part of the Afghan people and have an Afghan identity, and they have been far more serious in fighting the US than the government and other groups.
The Taliban’s precondition for the withdrawal of foreign troops to join the group in inter-Afghan talks and its insistence on the implementation of this precondition should be considered one of the main reasons for the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan. Now the Taliban intend to reform their approaches and policies, and they are seeking domestic recognition and international legitimacy.
Taliban officials have vowed to recognize the rights of other ethnic groups, renounce previous extreme positions, maintain security and stability on the borders of neighboring countries, continue to oppose the presence of foreign powers and seek negotiation to resolve existing problems. These positions have increased Afghanistan friends’ motivation to mediate between the Taliban and other ethnic groups.
The fifth and most important reality in Afghanistan is the people. If the future government is to be popular in Afghanistan, it must be formed through popular vote and free and fair elections.
At this point, the outbreak of civil war is against the interests of the Afghan people and undermines security and peace in this country and serves the interests of the US and terror groups such as IS. These important facts must be taken into account in the analysis of the events in Afghanistan.

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