Gov’t Feels Obligated to Ensure Smooth Presidential Transition

Rabiei said the incumbent government feels obligated to cooperate fully with president-elect Ebrahim Raeisi who will assume office in a month
Gov’t Feels Obligated to Ensure Smooth Presidential Transition
Gov’t Feels Obligated to Ensure Smooth Presidential Transition

The government of outgoing President Hassan Rouhani has been doing its utmost to ensure a smooth transition of power to the future administration led by president-elect Ebrahim Raeisi, according to a senior official.
“The government feels obligated to cooperate fully with the president-elect,” Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei said at a regular press briefing on Tuesday, IRNA reported. 
Based on previous agreements, he added, state officials have been holding regular meetings with the new president to provide him with the required reports. 
“The government will perform its duties in full and with all its power until the last day,” he said.
Along this line, arrangements have been made to address concerns regarding the supply of essential goods during the first months of the new administration, according to Rabiei. 
Rouhani will be leaving office after eight years in August to hand over the government to Ebrahim Raeisi who won the presidential elections in a landslide on June 24.     
His moderate administration managed to strike a nuclear deal with the world powers in 2015, which saw the lifting of international sanctions on Iran in return for curbs on the country’s nuclear program.
It also initiated negotiations to revive the very agreement which has been unravelling since the United States’ unilateral exit and reimposition tough sanctions on Tehran.  



Embracing Interaction  

Rabiei highlighted July 14, the anniversary of the nuclear deal’s finalization, saying this date is a symbol of Iran’s will to prove its desire for peace and cooperation with all nations while avoiding tensions and hostility.
“The eleventh government [of Rouhani] … embraced the worldview that there is no way but interaction and negotiation to resolve differences,” he said. 
Despite the US illegal measures, Tehran remained in the deal in hope of resolving the issue through dialogue and diplomacy once again. 
A year later, however, it reciprocated by taking steps away from its commitments based on the provisions of the deal, yet declaring that all measures would be undone as soon as sanctions are removed. 
Indirect negotiations to revive the accord are now ongoing in Vienna, Austria, with the new US administration of Joe Biden who had pledged to rejoin the deal, formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. 
The talks have made good progress over six rounds, although they are now in a pause so that both sides make important political decisions. 
“Today, when we are once again on the verge of restoring the JCPOA, and our nation are about to see the positive effects of this agreement, I am certain that history will judge fairly and people would grant an acceptable level of approval to the policy of dialogue and constructive interaction,” Rabiei said. 
Pointing to several JCPOA parties’ expression of concern about Iran’s enrichment activities beyond the deal’s limits, the spokesman said all measures are aimed at meeting the country’s peaceful nuclear requirements and, as declared repeatedly before, are swiftly reversible upon all sides’ return to their obligations. 
“Given the exclusively peaceful purposes [of the nuclear activities], there is no room for concern. Nevertheless, if JCPOA participants are concerned, I suggest they return to their commitments as soon as possible instead of moaning,” he said. 
He said European countries consider Iran’s steps a breach of JCPOA while they never did more than words in meeting their own commitments. 
Washington’s stance in this regard is also unacceptable, according to Rabiei. 
“The US is voicing concern about Iran’s steps while the current situation around the JCPOA stems from the illegal and unilateral steps of this very country,” he said. 

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