High Turnout Empowers Gov't to Solve Problems

High Turnout Empowers Gov't to Solve Problems
High Turnout Empowers Gov't to Solve Problems

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said people’s increased participation in the upcoming presidential elections will empower the next government to use the country’s great capacities and address the existing problems. 
In a televised speech on Wednesday, he advised against abandoning the elections, stressing that it will not help satisfy people’s “legitimate” demands.    
“Going to the polls and voting for a person who is able to respond to those demands, will solve the problems,” he said, his website reported.  
Those who are unsure about voting, according to Ayatollah Khamenei, are chiefly among the poorer strata who are disappointed due to the multiple problems they faced in their livelihoods over the past years. 
“Their grievances are justified, but their decision is not,” he said.  
The Leader stressed that a president who comes to power with high votes will be strong enough to tap on Iran’s enormous potential and tackle the problems. 
He also called on the young people, especially those who have just become eligible to vote, who are an important motive force in society, to encourage others to take part in the elections.
Those on the enemies’ front who try to discourage people from voting seek to weaken the country’s system of governance which would pave the way for insecurity and the presence of terrorist groups, he warned. 
The Leader also noted that decreased public participation will lead to an increase in the enemies’ pressure.  
“If we want the pressure and sanctions to decrease, people’s turnout must increase so that the [Islamic Republic’s] public backing will be exhibited to the world.” 
Presidential elections are set to be held on Friday, June 18, along with the city and village councils’ polls. 

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