Gov’t Calls on People to Go to Polls

Gov’t Calls on People to Go to Polls
Gov’t Calls on People to Go to Polls

Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei called on the people to take part in the upcoming presidential elections, saying a high turnout will force all adversaries of the country to surrender in the face of the Iranian nation’s invincible will.
“Maximum participation and sowing the seeds of hope is the only way toward wise and sustainable reform,” he said at a regular online press briefing on Tuesday, ISNA reported. 
He added that only a government who comes to power with high votes will be able to address grave problems such as the effect of sanctions, inflation and cruel international bans.
“Besides, only a government formed with high turnout in the polls will be responsive to the people,” he said. 
He cautioned about efforts to disappoint voters, noting that the campaign of discouraging people from going to the polls is spearheaded by those who benefit from the “maximum pressure” against the Iranian nation.
Iran-hawk former president of the United States, Donald Trump, initiated the maximum pressure campaign against the country after pulling out of the 2015 nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in hope of reaching a “better deal”. Iran has in turn, reduced its compliance.  
Rabiei hoped the nation would show once again on the day of the election (June 18) that it will not allow any group to close its window of hope.



Festival of Hope

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also said in a video message on his Instagram page that abandoning the elections is definitely not the solution. 
“It will not decrease the problems if it does not add to it,” he said.
He said people’s smart and extensive participation in determining their fate will gain the country national power, preserve national interests at global level and provide the required backing for constructive relations with the world.
“People’s turnout will not only expedite the removal of sanctions and rock the foundation of economic war against the brave Iranian nation, but will also neutralize future sanctions,” he said. 
An increased number of votes, according to Zarif, will also disappoint hardliners both inside and outside the country, as well as the Zionists and economic terrorists who hope to impede Iran’s global interaction and increase the sanctions by promoting an anti-Iran sentiment and fighting against the nuclear deal.
Talks are currently underway in Vienna, Austria, to restore the JCPOA by bringing both the US and Iran back into full compliance. The deal, however, has opponents, including Israel, who try to hinder the success of the negotiations. 
Zarif hoped that people will join hands to turn the Friday elections into a “national festival of hope”. 

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