Any Backing for Militancy in Syria Denounced

Any Backing for Militancy in Syria Denounced
Any Backing for Militancy in Syria Denounced

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations strongly condemns any continued support for terrorists in Syria under various pretexts.
“Supporting terrorists in Syria and dividing them into good and bad [ones] should end,” Majid Takht-Ravanchi told a United Nations Security Council meeting that was held to address the latest political developments in the Arab country on Wednesday, ISNA reported.
Syria found itself in the grips of sweeping foreign-backed militancy in 2011 that later gave way to the presence of terrorist outfits, such as the self-styled Islamic State terror group.
The violence turned the biggest part of Syria into scenes of bloodbath and havoc. A massive United States-led invasion and regular Israeli attacks on Syria’s defenses was, meanwhile, significantly interrupting with Damascus’ efforts to restore its territorial integrity.
The envoy urged cessation of all other means of targeting the Arab country, including “uncalled-for” foreign military presence and violation of the Syrian sovereignty, especially by the Israeli regime. The Islamic Republic vehemently condemns such violations, he added.
Amid the direct and indirect war efforts, Syria enlisted the assistance of its allies Iran and Russia to reinforce its anti-terror struggle. Tehran has been providing Damascus with military advisory assistance, while Moscow has been lending air support to the Syrian army’s operations. The support has helped the country take great strides toward resolving the foreign-made crisis.
Takht-Ravanchi said Iran was still committed to “peaceful resolution” of the situation in Syria. Tehran has also been providing political cooperation and consultations to Russia and Turkey towards resolving Syria’s issues.
He also pointed to the United States’ sanctions targeting Syria right as it needs every bit of assistance. He called the economic bans “irresponsible and immoral,” adding, “We condemn use of food and medicine as weapon.”

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