No Intervention in Yemen Affairs

No Intervention in Yemen Affairs No Intervention in Yemen Affairs

The spokesman for the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said Iran does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, particularly Yemen, and has no intention to do so.

Referring to the recent developments in Yemen and efforts by some western countries to "deviate the popular revolution" in the Arab country, Hossein Naqavi Hosseini said on Saturday, "The Islamic Republic interferes in the internal affairs of no country and does not have such intentions, but the hegemonic powers are seeking to link some popular currents in the region to Iran in an effort to escalate the wave of Iranophobia," ICANA reported.

He continued, "The uprising in Yemen has its origin in the grass roots and popular participation and has proved to be peaceful, legal and free from violence."

The parliamentarian said the recent developments in Yemen have stemmed from democracy, adding, "Naturally, the democratic changes in the country are against the interests of the arrogant and tyrannical states."

"These countries definitely make attempts to hamper such public movements and use the UN Security Council as an instrument to this end."

He stated, "The recent Security Council's move to condemn the people's revolution and formation of a popular government is somehow shedding light on the approach of western states and some regional countries, since they are by no means pleased with popular governments coming to power in the region."  

Naqavi Hosseini said, "Such interventions are to the detriment of the people and the region, and if peaceful popular movements stall, it will definitely lead to the growth and reinforcement of terrorism," adding that with the insightful and peaceful approach and policies of Yemen's Ansarullah group and by encouraging the public's participation, they will succeed in ratifying the constitution and establishing a democratic system.

  Netanyahu's Speech

In a separate interview with ISNA on Sunday, Naqavi Hosseini said the members of the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) should take action in response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's planned address to the US Congress on Iran's nuclear talks.  

He said the Zionists are opposed to any agreement between Iran and the P5+1 on Tehran's nuclear program, adding, "The P5+1 should definitely take action in response to Netanyahu's presence in the US Congress to show that their decisions are made independently from the Zionists."

He stated, "The Zionists will never be satisfied with any agreement between Iran and the P5+1 on the nuclear program, since they have gained a lot as the result of the West's hostilities toward the Islamic Republic," adding, "They have succeeded in employing the West's capacities against our country to their own advantage, so they have been always against an agreement between Iran and the P5+1."

He went on to say that the Zionists spare no effort to block a nuclear deal and make constant efforts to "fan the flames of the hostilities" through the US Congress.

He also said the Israelis make attempts to encourage the Americans to prevent Iran and the P5+1 from reaching an agreement through holding talks with the US president and the congressmen.

Netanyahu has been invited by US House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner to address Congress on March 3, a move which has angered the White House and Democratic lawmakers.