Gov't Policies Helped Dispel Iranophobia

Gov't Policies Helped Dispel Iranophobia      Gov't Policies Helped Dispel Iranophobia

The chief of staff of the presidential office said efforts by the Rouhani administration have caused Iranophobia to turn into pro-Iran sentiments at international level.

Speaking with Iranian state television on late Saturday, Mohammad Nahavandian said, "With efforts by the administration in the international arena, Iranophobia has turned into pro-Iran feelings," IRNA reported. He continued, "European countries are in a race to restore relations with Iran."  

He said foreign officials in their public and private meetings with Iranian officials call for an early lifting of sanctions so that they can resume cooperation with Tehran. Nahavandian stated, "These calls can also be heard in the United States, which is the home to the major plots hatched against Iran."

The senior administration official said, "The Zionist media leave no stone unturned to scupper the negotiations (between Iran and the major powers on Tehran's nuclear program)."

He said, "We should exercise vigilance not to rely on the enemies' words more than our friends," referring to claims being made by some western media and diplomats about the details of the nuclear talks.    

He added that Iran is today in a position to increase exports and the lifting of sanctions would help put the production cycle back on track and boost exports.