Tehran-Moscow Treaty Commemorated

Tehran-Moscow Treaty Commemorated
Tehran-Moscow Treaty Commemorated

The Iranian and Russian foreign ministries issued a statement on Friday, marking the 20th anniversary of signing the “treaty on the basis for mutual relations and principles of cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation”.
Iran’s statement hailed Tehran-Moscow cooperation, saying it is beyond mutual ties and has reached the level of contributing to regional and international security, becoming “stronger than ever”.
It also expressed Tehran’s willingness to enhance relations with Moscow in various fields on the basis of mutual respect, according to the ministry’s website. 
Iran and Russia work in full harmony against “the inhumane and unilateral sanctions and the Western interference in the affairs of other countries”, cooperate to prevent the third parties from affecting their ties and agree on the need to respect the international law.
Russia described the document as “a historic turning point” in Iran-Russia relations, saying that the tradition of friendship and good neighborliness between Russia and Iran is strengthened every year for the benefit of the people of the two countries, as well as the stability and security of the region and beyond.
It added that the unused capacities offer a good prospect for deepening and expanding relations.
The treaty was signed in Moscow on March 12, 2001, by the then presidents of the two countries and was extended for another five years. 

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