Call for United Front Against Great Powers’ Unlawful Measures

Call for United Front Against Great Powers’ Unlawful Measures
Call for United Front Against Great Powers’ Unlawful Measures

President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday lashed out at the world’s “great powers” for depriving other nations of fundamental rights and disrespecting international organizations, calling on likeminded countries to strengthen cooperation and create a united front against these challenges. 
Addressing the 14th Summit of Economic Cooperation Organization held virtually, he regretted the international community’s failure to act against unilateral measures and unlawful sanctions in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, targeting the countries’ capabilities in their struggle against this global plague. 
“In the last four years, the international community has witnessed the US illegal approach and a full-scale economic war against Iran,” he said, adding that cruel and illegal sanctions have inflicted irreparable damage to Iran’s government and people, reported. 
Washington imposed sweeping sanctions on Tehran after unilaterally withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal three years ago. Iran remained within the deal, although it reciprocated by reducing its compliance in accordance with the provisions of the agreement, formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. 
“As per Iran’s wisdom and insight, JCPOA has so far survived despite the fact that the US had opted for its obliteration,” Rouhani said. 
The new US administration intends to rejoin the deal, but has called on Iran to resume full compliance first. This is while Iran demands a complete removal of sanctions before it reverses its steps. 
“The US, as the one that violated the deal, shall lift all sanctions and take practical steps in order to be able to return to JCPOA,” the president said, reiterating that Iran will reciprocate action by action. 
He said the return path to JCPOA is straightforward, and “if the US government is determined to return, there is no need for negotiations”.
According to the president, the US unlawful unilateral measures have failed to bring the great Iranian nation to its knees. 
“Notwithstanding severe economic pressure, this nation has relied on its domestic capabilities, even made breakthroughs and attained great achievements, including in the fight against Covid-19 and its impacts,” he said. 
Rouhani pointed to the production of coronavirus vaccine by Iranian scientists as an example and Iran’s preparedness to extend cooperation with other countries, particularly ECO countries in this regard.
“We are also ready to exchange our views on how to deal with post-Covid era and lay solid foundations for regional cooperation,” he said. 

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