US Admits Error But Take No Serious Step to Lift Sanctions

US Admits Error But Take No Serious Step to Lift Sanctions
US Admits Error But Take No Serious Step to Lift Sanctions

The new US administration has refused to take “a serious step” for lifting sanctions imposed by its predecessor on Tehran, despite admitting that the policy was wrong, the Iranian president said. 
Speaking during a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani stressed that if the administration of US President Joe Biden acknowledges the mistakes of former president, Donald Trump, it must compensate it as soon as possible.
He noted that the tone of the new US administration has changed a bit, it admits that the previous measures were wrong and has even taken a practical step, reported.  
Biden took back the letter that the previous administration had sent to the United Nations, as part of its push last year to make the world body restore its sanctions against Iran.
“However, we have not yet seen a serious step on the part of the US regarding the lifting of sanctions, which is our main issue, and an explicit acknowledgement of the right of [Iranian] people,” Rouhani said.
Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and reimposed draconian sanctions on Tehran. Biden seeks to rejoin the agreement, but refuses to lift the sanctions first unless Iran reverses its remedial steps beyond the deal’s limits. 
Rouhani said it is up to the US to lift all sanctions and Iran will immediately implement all its commitments. 
“This is very easy and can be done in a day or two. If there is a serious will, it can be done this week,” he said.
He also emphasized that the P4+1 (remaining parties to the deal) have a heavy responsibility today in this regard. 
“They should know that we are the one that saved JCPOA during three years of economic war, hence they should stop the sanctions and enforce the law,” he said.



Talks with French Counterpart 

Earlier on Tuesday, Rouhani had a phone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron, making it clear the only way to revive the agreement is the termination of US sanctions and that JCPOA will not be renegotiated in any way. 
He warned that missing the opportunity to save JCPOA could make the situation more difficult.
Rouhani also told his counterpart that Iran’s suspension of adherence to the Additional Protocol was made within the framework of the law passed by the parliament. 
As part of its reciprocal measures, Iran stopped its voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol to the Safeguards Agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Rouhani explained that Iran’s cooperation with IAEA will continue and the move is by no means tantamount to Iran’s withdrawal from JCPOA.
"Any unconstructive action or position in the Board of Governors could lead to new challenges and complicate the current situation,” he warned.
France, together with Britain and Germany, has proposed a US-backed plan to rebuke Iran at the IAEA Board of Governors over the suspension of its voluntary measures. The draft resolution is expected to be put to a vote on Friday. 
Macron described JCPOA as a necessity for the international community and stressed the need for the continuation of talks for all parties to return to the full implementation of their commitments.
He also stressed the need for the two sides to take the initial steps and said, "Europe is ready to be more active in the coming weeks to revive JCPOA.”

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