President Promises Bright Future

President Promises Bright Future
President Promises Bright Future

President Hassan Rouhani assured the nation of a bright future for the Iranian economy, as the failure of the US economic war will open a new chapter in trade ties.
Speaking at a meeting of the government’s economic coordination headquarters in Tehran on Sunday, Rouhani predicted that Iran’s economic situation would improve, given the easing of inflation expectations and increased oil and non-oil exports, reported.
The president noted that enemies are seeking to stop or slow down the positive trend through the propaganda of their hostile media and psychological warfare.
“It has been proven to the government that the goal of the defeated directors of economic war is to disrupt the country’s economic peace, and today they are trying to make the victory of the nation against the economic war fruitless and bitter,” he said.
“I am sure that economic activists and the people … do not pay attention to such statements and measures, and strongly continue their activities with confidence, calm and hope for the bright horizon of the country's economy.”
Rouhani stressed that the failure of former US president, Donald Trump’s economic war has changed the view of Iran’s trading partners for the better, with the country’s economic relations entering a new phase.

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