Iran’s Expectations From New American Gov’t Outlined

Iran’s Expectations From New American Gov’t Outlined
Iran’s Expectations From New American Gov’t Outlined

A group of 43 former Iranian diplomats has released a statement outlining the Islamic Republic’s expectation of the new United States’ administration regarding the 2015 nuclear deal. 
Formally called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the agreement was signed between Iran and the world powers, but the former US president, Donald Trump, pulled Washington out in 2018 and imposed tough sanctions on Tehran. 
Iran scaled down its commitments in remedial steps after the European parties also proved unable to offset the effects of US sanctions. 
The newly-inaugurated US President Joe Biden has vowed to rejoin the agreement once Iran resumes strict compliance. 
“If the US government seeks confidence-building and positive steps toward Iran, it must know that the path back to JCPOA starts where the Trump administration exited the agreement and violated America’s international commitments,” the former diplomats said, reiterating Iran’s will to return to full compliance if the US does so by lifting the sanctions.  
They also emphasized that the US was a signatory to a deal that was enshrined in the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, hence it is obliged to comply with its terms. 
“The former administration not only violated its international commitments, but also encouraged other countries to breach theirs as well,” the statement said. 
The statement noted that Iran complied with the deal throughout this time and suspended its commitments as per the provisions of the same agreement. 
The former Foreign Ministry officials also pointed out that the reimposition of sanctions was an act against the Iranian nation, as it deprived them of their inalienable rights. 



Call for Trial 

They demanded that Trump be brought to trial and punished for his lawless acts. 
They cited Trump’s multiple crimes against humanity, extensive and systematic breach of basic human rights, imposing cruel sanctions against the Iranian people, including on food and medicine, as well as adopting and supporting state terrorism, as in his open confession of ordering the assassination of Iranian top general, Qasem Soleimani (in January 2020).
The former officials also stressed that Iran will not make concessions on any issue irrelevant to JCPOA and will not allow any group to open a new chapter in negotiations. 
“We expect the Iranian government … to manage negotiations within the framework of JCPOA patiently and cautiously,” they said. 
The statement also urged the government to return to its commitments in a reciprocal manner, after making sure of the practical sanctions lifting. 
“If the cruel sanctions against the resistant Iranian people remain in place, the government of Iran should carry on with its … peaceful nuclear program in line with the national interests,” the experts advised.
The US termination of hostility against the Islamic Republic of Iran would open up new opportunities for the de-escalation of tensions in the region, according to the statement. 
“We strongly believe that dialogue and understanding are proper diplomatic tools to achieve peace, stability and security in this region,” the experts said. 

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