Pakistan Seeks Anti-Drug Coop. With Iran

Pakistan Seeks Anti-Drug Coop. With Iran
Pakistan Seeks Anti-Drug Coop. With Iran

Pakistan’s minister for narcotics control expressed concern over poppy production in Afghanistan despite the presence of foreign forces and said Pakistan wants to exchange effective intelligence with Iran to strengthen joint cooperation against illicit drugs.
Ijaz Ahmed Shah, who has recently taken over the responsibility of Pakistan’s minister for narcotics control, expressed his views in a recent interview with IRNA.
The Pakistani politician, who has 20 years of experience in the fight against narcotics, said Iran and Pakistan have good coordination in narcotics control but “there is always room for improvement”.
He stressed that no single country can achieve “one hundred percent” results in combating narcotics until and unless there is coordination between the states.
The minister said demand for narcotics in Pakistan and Iran, and in the entire world should be reduced, and when it declines, supply will definitely decrease. 
“I do look on enforcement and seizures, but I think we have to work on demand reduction, an area which requires more attention, because if there is a demand of anything, there would be supply despite all efforts,” he said.

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