Comprehensive Political Solution Will Guarantee Peace in Afghanistan

Iran is opposed to foreign intervention, maintaining that only talks led by Afghans and involving all groups within the country could lead to sustainable peace

Iran maintains that a comprehensive political solution with the engagement of all Afghan groups is the best guarantee for sustainable peace in the war-torn country, the top Iranian diplomat said.  
Speaking during a meeting with Hamdullah Mohib, the Afghan president's national security advisor, in Tehran on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stressed the need for the exit of the United States’ troops from Afghanistan, ISNA reported. 
American forces have been stationed in Afghanistan since 2001 to fight the Taliban who were toppled from power by the US. 
Washington finally reached a deal with the Taliban in January and arranged peace talks in Doha, Qatar, between the insurgent group and Afghan government negotiators.
The talks have made little progress, however, while violence continues to surge in Afghanistan. 
Iran has expressed opposition to foreign intervention, especially by non-regional countries, maintaining that only talks led by Afghans and involving all groups within the country could lead to sustainable peace. 
During the meeting, the foreign minister reiterated Iran’s support for Afghanistan as the country’s principled policy. 
Mohib outlined the latest developments in Doha peace negotiations and appreciated Iran’s support for the Afghan people and government. 
He had earlier held talks with Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani, during which he regretted that despite the Taliban’s agreement with the US, not only have their attacks and destructive measures not declined, but have also been on the rise.
“The Taliban are violating their agreement with the US to impose their conditions and force the Afghan government to surrender, but we have resisted their ambitiousness by standing firm on our principled and legal stances,” he said. 
Shamkhani also said the US has ramped up its destabilizing measures in West Asia over the past year. 
“Iran is determined … to prevent the continuation of terrorist, destabilizing and anti-security measures of the US and its allies, and to compel them to withdraw from the region,” he said. 



Bilateral Relations 

Mohib also discussed bilateral ties with Tehran during his meetings with Iranian officials. 
Speaking to Zarif, the Afghan advisor stressed the need for enhancing mutual cooperation in political, economic, cultural and security sectors, hoping that transit connections such as the recently launched Khaf-Herat railroad will help strengthen cooperation at the regional level.
The Iranian foreign minister also emphasized the necessity of improving consultations between the two friendly neighbors at bilateral, regional and international levels. 
Hailing the launch of Khaf-Herat railroad, Zarif said it paves the way for closer Iran-Afghanistan collaboration and faster connection with eastern regions.
“It is also essential that the Dogharoun border crossing be optimized for improving border collaborations,” he said. 
Setting up an Iran-Afghanistan commission and pursuing other ongoing joint projects, especially in the water sector, were other issues discussed by the two officials. 
Shamkhani also said Iran’s principled foreign policy is based on good neighborliness and strategic ties with all neighbors, saying Afghanistan has a special place in this regard, given the two countries’ numerous mutual interests and common threats. 

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