Call for Nullifying Sanctions

Call for Nullifying Sanctions Call for Nullifying Sanctions

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei called on Iranian officials to focus their efforts on nullifying the effects of sanctions instead of seeking their removal, as it has proven to be futile. 
Speaking at a meeting of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination involving the three branches of power, the Leader described sanctions as a “bitter reality” and a crime by the United States and its European allies against the Iranian nation. 
“This crime has been carried out against the Iranian nation for years, but it has been intensified over the past three years,” he said, reported.
Iran reached an agreement with six world powers in 2015 after painstaking negotiations, following which international sanctions were removed in return for curbs on the nuclear program. 
Nevertheless, this did not last long as the US pulled out of the deal unilaterally and reimposed tough sanctions on Tehran as part of the so-called “maximum pressure” campaign. 
The European parties vowed to safeguard Iran’s interests, but their feeble efforts failed to address the country’s economic woes resulting from the American measures.  
Ayatollah Khamenei said sanctions can be addressed through two strategies: to nullify them or to work toward their removal.
“We tried the path to the lifting of sanctions and negotiated for years, but it did not bear fruit,” he said.    
“The other solution, however, has a desirable outcome, although it might face problems and difficulties in the beginning.
The Leader noted that if the other side sees sanctions losing their effect, it will gradually stop sanctioning, highlighting Iran’s abundant capacities to neutralize the restrictive measures. 



No Opportunity from Outside 

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed the need to assume that no window of opportunity will open abroad because foreigners cannot be trusted.  
“Certain groups are pinning their hopes on those who are hostile to us,” he said, in clear reference to the US and Europe. 
The election of Democrat Joe Biden as the new US president who has vowed to rejoin Iran’s nuclear deal has raised hopes of a better economic situation in view of his more law-abiding policies.
The Leader said Washington’s position cannot be counted on, given the unclear US domestic situation that will probably not allow them to take a stance on international issues.
“America’s status is unclear and Europeans keep taking positions against Iran,” he said. 
He was referring to a recent statement by France, Germany and the United Kingdom in which they expressed serious concern about Iran’s remedial steps beyond the nuclear deal’s limits and called for an immediate return to compliance. 
Both Europe and the new US administration also seek to expand the deal and force Iran into negotiations over other issues beyond its nuclear activities, including its missile program and regional policies.
The leader criticized the western states for forbidding Iran of activities that they themselves are freely engaging in. 
“They tell us not to interfere in regional affairs while they make the most erroneous interventions. While France and Britain possess destructive atomic warheads and Germany is on its way [to possess them], they tell us not to have missiles,” he said. 
During the session, the heads of three branches of power offered their solutions to meet economic issues, which focused on addressing the budget deficit, promoting investment, boosting production and supporting lower-income strata. 
Ayatollah Khamenei described economy as the main issue of the country, because people’s livelihoods are under threat and the coronavirus outbreak has added to their problems.  
“The meeting is aimed at discussing practical solutions to produce an outcome in the short run so that people can feel its effects on their lives,” he said. 

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