UN Resolution on Iran’s Human Rights Situation Slammed

UN Resolution on Iran’s Human Rights Situation Slammed UN Resolution on Iran’s Human Rights Situation Slammed

Iran’s Foreign Ministry condemned the recent United Nations resolution drafted by Canada about the country’s human rights situation as “unacceptable and lacking legal credibility”. 
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said such resolutions are a repetition of claims based on “unreal and fabricated reports”. 
“It is regrettable that some countries, including Canada, abuse human rights and its international mechanisms to achieve their political ambitions,” he was quoted as saying by ISNA. 
The third committee of the UN General Assembly, which deals with human rights, adopted a resolution put forward by Canada on Wednesday, which expressed “serious concern” about human rights conditions in Iran. 
Khatibzadeh said such unconstructive actions not only fail to help improve the status of human rights and respect for such values at the global level, but encourage the spread of negative clichés and political stigmas against independent countries.
“The move by the Canadian government and other sponsors of the resolution, which is a clear example of abusing lofty human rights concepts and values in order to achieve shortsighted political objectives, is doomed and lacks any legal credibility and effect.”
The spokesman noted that the resolution was passed with votes from fewer than half of member states, as a majority of UN member states either voted against or abstained to show their discontent with the hypocritical approach adopted by the resolution’s supporters.
The document was passed with 79 yes votes, as 32 countries voted against it and 64 others abstained.
Khatibzadeh also urged Canada to stop hosting economic offenders and looters of Iranian people’s wealth, “who have found Canada a safe haven for the transfer and investment of assets they have looted”, instead of showing “hypocritical compassion” for Iranians’ human rights. 

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